Safe key-value memory cache
Implemented in Rust programming language and using Tokio runtime ensures memory and thread safety.
Can process thousands of requests with minimal overhead.
Compatible is 100% compatible with memcached binary protocol. No need to rewrite your code. Just start a server and use your favorite language/framework.
$ ./memcapable -h -b -v
binary noop [pass]
binary quit [pass]
binary quitq [pass]
binary set [pass]
binary setq [pass]
binary flush [pass]
binary flushq [pass]
binary add [pass]
binary addq [pass]
binary replace [pass]
binary replaceq [pass]
binary delete [pass]
binary deleteq [pass]
binary get [pass]
binary getq [pass]
binary getk [pass]
binary getkq [pass]
binary incr [pass]
binary incrq [pass]
binary decr [pass]
binary decrq [pass]
binary version [pass]
binary append [pass]
binary appendq [pass]
binary prepend [pass]
binary prependq [pass]
$ ./memcrsd -v -c 50000 -r 7 -l -v -m 2048
INFO memcrsd: Listen address:
INFO memcrsd: Listen port: 11211
INFO memcrsd: Connection limit: 50000
INFO memcrsd: Number of runtimes: 6
INFO memcrsd: Number of threads total: 8
INFO memcrsd: Max item size: 1000000
INFO memcrsd: Memory limit: 2048 MB
Compiles to a single binary, that can be deployed anywhere. Copy binary anywhere you want, start server and you're done. Use your favorite tools to build containers that are easy to deploy and distribute.
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